About Us


Our Approach

This site is a club specific site to drive personal ambition and goals. We focus on the innovation within, everyone should be able find a topic of interest here. See the schedule tab or the FAQ's tab to learn more about us or contact club leaders found at the bottom of the page! Get involved NOW!

Popular Interests

All students affiliated with this club have discovered an interest that they can work on and enjoy. Students have discovered several interests that they never would have thought they could have loved.

Some of these interests include:

HTC Vive:

  • Provides students with the opportunity to experience a realistic, real-time, simulated, virtual world!

3D Printing Technology:

  • Students are given the opportunity to format a print and learn to print it for themselves!

Arduino & Raspberry Pi:

  • Learn to code and how coding works, create programs and watch them at work!